JAKEMY JM-8183 145 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set

JAKEMY JM-8183 145 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set

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145 in 1 Precision screwdriver set with accessories Jakemy JM-8183

  • This precision electronics screwdriver set is a self-developed patented product. Counterfeiters will bear legal responsibility.
  • 145 parts of accessories are neatly arranged in different areas.
    4 kinds of 45mm S-2 chromium-molybdenum steel material deep hole screwdriver bits, 116pscs of CR-V bits.
  • Totally 132pcs of screwdriver bits to meet more repair needs.
  • Available for smart phone, game console, tablet PC, desktop, laptop, air fan, small household appliances.


  • Diamond cut texture of the case: Different from other ordinary styles in the market, diamond cut texture design can highlight the three-dimensional and high-quality texture of the material, taking into account the trend and pragmatism. It can better cater to the current people’s aesthetics.
  • Accessories are neatly arranged in different areas: After many layout designs, we selected the most suitable layout for the 145 parts of this product and the interior color that best highlights the quality.
  • Using advanced laser engraving technology: Different from the common ink printing engraving technology of other manufacturers, we use advanced laser engraving technology. Make the printing clear and not afraid of abrasion.
  • Rotating cap design with new 3DAnti-slip engraving feel: The handle adopts 3D anti-slip texture to increase surface friction. Make it feel comfortable to hold during disassembly and repair, labor-saving and smooth.
  • Built-in sectional adjustable extension bar in the handle: The extension barcan be used in narrow or special repair places. And it can be retracted and stored, saving more space. Simply push the switch on the handle forward to stretch the extension
  • 4 kinds of 45mm S-2 chromium molybdenum steel material deep hole screwdriver bits: It can not only keepclear vision in normal operation, but also can be easily used in narrow spaces, deep holes and other difficult-to-operate positions.
  • 116Pcs of CR-V bits: The surface is treated with phosphating and rust prevention. High hardness, strong and durable.
  • Totally 132Pcs of screwdriver bits to meet more repair needs: Covering various maintenance fields, one set meets various needs.From glasses, watches, to toys, cameras, and even more complex handhelds, notebooks, mobile phones, etc., all can be easily repaired.
  • Equipped with various accessories, easy to disassemble: 130mm extension bar, powerful LCD suction cup, spudger, stainless steel tweezer, ultra-thin opening tools.


  • S-2 45mm deep hole screwdriver bits:
    Flat-head (Slotted): 1.5 2.0
    Phillips: 1.5 2.0
      • CR-V sockets:
        Hex socket: M2.5*2 M3.0 M3.5 M4.0 M4.5 M5.0 M5.5 G3.8 G4.5 PH2 U
          • CR-V bits:
            Hex: H0.7 H0.9 H1.3 H1.5 H2.0 H2.5 H3.0 H3.5 H4.0 H4.5 H5.0 H6.0

            Phillips: 1.0*2 1.5*3 2.0*2 2.5*2 3.0*3 3.5*2 JIS000 JIS00 JIS0 JIS1

            Torx: T1*3 T2*3 T3*2 T4*2 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15 T20

            Flat-head (Slotted): 1.0*2 1.3*2 1.5*2 2.0*2 2.5*2 3.0*2 3.5*2 4.0*2

            Torx Security: T6H T7H T8H T9H T10H T15H T20H

            Pozidriv: PZ00*2 PZ0*2 PZ1*2 PZ2*2

            Tri-wing: Y0.8*3 Y2.0*2 Y2.5*2 Y3.0*2

            Pentagon: 0.8*3 1.2*3 1.5*3 2.0*2

            U-shaped: U2.0*2 U2.6*2 U3.0*2

            Triangle: 2.0 2.3 2.6 3.0

            Square: SQ0 SQ1 SQ2

            SIM ejector: SIM0.8 SIM1.0

            Stand off: 1.5*2
            • Spudger*2
            • Suction cup*1
            • Ultra-thin opening tools*5
            • Tweezer*1
            • Extension bar*1
            • Handle*1

               Note: All photos were taken from the actual product.

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